Fulfillment / E-commerce

    Comprehensive logistic service of your orders:

  • We accept and store goods according to the agreed requirements.
  • We run warehouse management in customer's own software or our own software with the ability to track inventory and warehouse movements online.
  • We securely prepare packages with varying degrees of complexity.
  • We personalize all required documents, including bills / invoices, labels, letters.
  • We support the return process.
  • We produce packaging and marketing materials.
Warehouse and logistic

  • We are support in the area of system and integrated supply chain management, the flow of products and information.
  • We have a specialized high storage warehouse with appropriate equipment for its operation (fire protection system as well as ventilation and heating system) with an area of 6,500 m2 of warehouses, including 11,000 pallet places and 18,000 m2 production surface.
  • We accept goods, unload, carry out product checks including quality control.
  • We store the goods according to the required storage conditions.
  • We regularly report on stock levels, in particular we inform about the quality and quantity of goods in stock.
  • We optimize warehouse processes.
  • We carry out inventories.

  • We have automatic Sitma foiling lines with heat shrink tunnels.
  • We use PE, PP foil - both transparent and pre-printed.
  • We have the possibility of film wrapping up to 11 different elements in different formats and thicknesses (cards, inserts, leaflets, coupons, catalogs, books, CD / DVD etc.) in one process.
  • We address using the address label and ink-jet method (printing directly on the catalog).
  • We sort shipments according to customer, Post or distributor requirements.
  • We prepare and secure shipments for transport in accordance with the guidelines provided.
  • We handle return shipments (we provide dedicated post office boxes, sort and report according to the reason for the return, we utilize).

  • We complete sets with any combination of content, method and place for placing items.
  • We insert or paste (using adhesive dots, glues, adhesive tapes) in any or precisely specified place products such as leaflets, brochures, surveys, samples, sachets, coupons, gadgets.
  • We repack with the option of recovering specific elements of the set.
  • We make promotional or gift sets.
  • We stick self-adhesive information labels, promotional labels or bar codes.
Digital print

  • We personalize with laser technique invoices, letters, labels, bank and postal documents etc.
  • Our software supports all languages and their special characters.
  • We print barcodes (eg EAN, DataMatrix), numeric and QR codes.
  • We support clients in creating sample documents for shipments.

    When we carry out entrusted projects, we process databases as follows:

  • We maintain database processing procedures in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR.
  • We sort personal data in a layout specified by the client.
  • We are flexible and we are looking for the best solutions so that the printout meets the accounting requirements in the case of invoices, postal for address labels, and marketing in the case of personalized offers in different language versions.
  • We sort databases for mass mailings in accordance with postal requirements of postal operators, including foreign ones.
  • At the end of the joint projects, we will ensure that entrusted databases containing personal data are securely archived or destroyed.