DMS - Direct Marketing Services
M.Jenek, T.Stankiewicz Sp. j.
Janikowo k. Poznania, ul. Pilotów 18-26
62-006 Kobylnica
tel. + 48 (0) 61 65 777 00 to 02
fax + 48 (0) 61 65 777 03

          Direct marketing is our specialty. We love it and that is why we are one of the 5 largest direct marketing outsourcing companies in Poland. We established our business in 1999 and since the very beginning we have always been a Poland-based entity. Our services are provided wherever mass communication is in need of the technological and logistic infrastructure, individual approach, and reliable and flexible partner. Why don't you have a look at what we can offer? We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Our Mission

          DMS-Direct Marketing Services provides logistic and distribution services for direct marketing, with a particular focus on mass mailing campaigns, warehouse logistics services, sorting and distributing the goods for mail-order firms.

Our mission is to provide logistic solutions to mass mailing senders that will ensure the relevant goods are sent to the relevant address of each single customer.

DMS is a member of the Direct Marketing Association
and the PKPP Union of Direct Marketing Companies